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Fact has always been stranger than fiction.

The history of human civilization is a silent witness to the above statement. There have been hundreds of thousands of unsung heroes in the pages of history the pages that today's generation doesn't bother to flip through.

This is a humble effort to highlight the page of the history of 'the Lohanas', the clan that prevented Muslim barbarians from entering our motherland via the Hindukush mountain range.

We humbly believe from the core of our hearts that the life stories of super heroes of our motherland must be narrated and taught to the modern generation instead of glorifying invaders like Alexander, Napoleon and Caesar.

This page in the history of daredevil Lohanas is written in the blood of DADA JASRAJ, who sacrificed his life at the tender age of 24, that too, at the time of his marriage ceremony.

The Lohanas (Originally LOH-RANAS) are the direct descendants of Lord Raam; they are 'the Kshatriyas' OR 'the Rajputs'. The Kshatriyas in our history are either 'Suryavanshi', meaning the worshippers of the Sun OR 'Chandravanshi', meaning the worshippers of the Moon. The Lohanas are Suryavanshi Kshatriyas.

The Lohanas have played an important role in the freedom of the motherland when Islamic invaders were constantly threatening the country. In the tenth and eleventh century, there were 24 estates of the Loh-ranas: Thakral, Kotecha, Tanna, Somaiya, etc are the few of the titles that even today, the Lohanas take pride in mentioning. DADA JASRAJ was the most popular, most daring, the most adventurous and strong among all 24 estate chiefs. He is believed to be from the sect that held the family title of "Unadkat".

Even today, the ab-original Sikhs in Kabul and Kandhaar remember DADA JASRAJ fondly and there are many folk tales and folk songs based on the valour displayed by this super human being. The Lohanas were to be found in Gizni, Kandhaar, Baluchistaan, Jalaalaabad, and Lohgarh the Lohanas in Afghanistan call themselves 'Miranas'. And DADA JASRAJ had earned the title of 'Mirana Pushtu' meaning the tiger among the Lohanas. The descendants of DADA JASRAJ are called 'Miranas'.

Certain engravings found on ancient stones from China, Tibet and Siam support these facts. 'Jalaal-e-Jungnaamaa', an Islamic book from ancient Persia (today's Iran) also has a mention that Changez khan invaded Multan and died at the hands of DADA JASRAJ.

DADA JASRAJ never knew what fear meant he disguised himself as the trader of horses and went right inside the enemy camp to create chaos and finish the enemy. 'The Somaiyas' were by his side and thus won a special mention by his side.

The Cow has always been considered holy in our culture and always addressed as 'mother'. Cattle, especially cows were considered a treasure in those days the enemy always tried to take away the cows. On one such occasion, DADA JASRAJ displayed courage beyond the expression in words and saved the holy cows from being taken away he lost his life in the sword-fight that followed.

But the tale is not so simple, because DADA JASRAJ was about to get married when the news came that the enemy is trying to take away the holy cows. The entire clan was celebrating... the women were singing the marriage songs loud music was being played and during this celebration, the news was broken that commander Sindhu Sharma had died at the hands of the enemy chief Shams-Ud-Din. Sindhu Sharma didn't want to disturb DADA JASRAJ as DADA was getting married. But the enemy chief cut off Sindhu Sharma's head and his horse came back with the headless body of Sindhu Sharma this is when DADA JASRAJ immediately decided to ride his horse for saving the holy cows... he fought brilliantly and saved the cow herd but alas! The enemy cheated on him. They disguised themselves as Hindus and while pretending to touch DADA'S feet for his blessings, they severed his head mercilessly.

DADA JASRAJ had 80 wounds on his body, his intestines were ripped off and he was almost unconscious but his face had the smile of victory. Also, he was holding his sword in one hand and the head of the enemy chief in the other. But, he was also very sad because he had lost his dear friends, his loyal soldiers in the battle a total of almost eight thousand people sacrificed their lives under the command of DADA JASRAJ. For them, the honour of the clan was most important... so much so that even after DADA's death, they continued fighting. Even the last of the last soldier killed a dozen of the enemies before breathing his last.

And it was not the end of the war: The women also fought bravely. They had the option of offering themselves to the holy fire but they decided to reduce the enemy in numbers and DADA's real sister Harkor was the leading lady, she sacrificed her life along with thousands of other women.

Harkor is respected and taken as 'Kuldevi' or the mother of the clan by the POBARU KHATRIS.

This is no ordinary tale but a saga of valour that every Lohana must know including the children of today's generation.

Long live DADA JASRAJ!